What's in Her Bag

What's in her bag. All about bags and what's in them. All the time. All kinds. To bea featured email us a clear photo of your bag and it's contents along with your name, occupation, age, location and description of what's in your bag and why to info@whatsinherbag.com!

If you or your brand would like to submit a bag or products for giveaways to followers, send us an email!

What’s in Her Bag is Launching January 5, 2013!

We want to know what you ladies are carrying! To be featured on the site send us the following:

1. 2-3 CLEAR Photos (we will select 1-2) of Your Bag and its contents with descriptions. Tell us the name/brand of the bag, where and when you bought it and what’s in it. 

2. Name

3. Age 

3. Occupation

4. Location

Email everything to info@whatsinherbag.com with the subject line: WHAT’S IN MY BAG!

Additional Info: Once monthly we will have giveaways for items that can go into your bag! Annually we will have a bag giveaway. 

Emails without the proper subject line will be discarded. 

Brand Submissions/PR Requests:

If you represent a brand or company that has handbags you want featured on the site and you are willing to donate or send it to us for review, please email a media kit (if available), spec sheet with description and a list of places readers can find it. 

If you have products and/or samples you would love to have featured, you may email us for details and we will instruct you further. 

Please include all of your contact information with your submission or pitch! 

Send your email to: info@whatsinherbag.com with the subject line: BRAND SUBMISSION